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Have you noticed that during lockdown we all got used to ordering everything online and having it delivered to our houses?

Then have you noticed we have all returned to work, but still enjoy ordering everything online?

Which means there is generally nobody in to receive the parcels and packets we are getting delivered?

Result. Parcels and packets end up with neighbours, in wheelie bins, porches, hidden behind or in bushes, thrown over side gates, squashed and forced through the letter box or a card is left saying they attempted delivery but didn't leave it!

Well we have the answer! Have a look at our PARCEL DROP BOXES. Wall or floor mounted. These are excellent top quality galvanised and powder coated steel, keyed locks and most of all they are designed to receive multiple deliveries securely. Have a look at our diagrams below to see how once a parcel is dropped in to the box it can not then be taken back out, unless the bottom door is opened, by yourself with a key.

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At York Gates we don't just supply parcel boxes, we also deliver and fit them! Saving you time and money organising someone to fit them for you. We cover all the Yorkshire and Humberside area.