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  1. When installing gates there are a few options available regarding locking. We can offer the following, provision for a padlock, keyed exterior lock, keypad entry. The locks we use are all quality exterior grade. We think people would rather pay a little extra for a lock that will be trouble-free and last for years. They also make life that bit harder for a thief.

    We firmly believe that at York Gates we can offer gates and railings which will help to keep your property safe, yet look elegant and decorative.

  2. Despite the recent floods, York is open for business. We are used to flooding in York, however we were caught out a bit at Christmas when an area of York that doesn't normally flood did flood! Everyone rallied around, helped each other and many effected are now back to normal. The floods didn't effect York Gates, our workshop is in an area that does not flood. If it ever does then we are all in trouble! So please tell everyone York is open and ready to welcome all.