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  1. More red tape! It does seem so for us. We have a legal responsibility to adhere to GDPR. Which we are happy to do so. To be honest it doesn't really affect us. We only keep your personal data for as long as is necessary to conduct our business. We delete and dispose of any data carefully. We NEVER sell or give your details to ANY third parties or other people. So that's it in a nut shell everyone.

  2. So the kids are back at school, autumn is upon us, the leaves will be dropping from the trees and it will be getting colder. The other thing that changes at this time of the year is it gets darker earlier.

    So it is time to review your home security. The Police will do this for free. Alternatively you can do it yourselves. Just ask yourself, how easily could I get on to my property, in to my property and what could I take? Would I be seen? Try and think like a thief.

    Some things you could do to increase your security. Sensor lights, cctv, lockable gates and railings (from York Gates of course), keep valuables out of view, lock bikes up, don't leave them outside, leave a couple of lights on if you go out, report any suspicious activity and a new one, don't tell everyone on social media when you are on holiday, or check in with the whole family somewhere other than home!

    Make it as difficult as you can, remember, thieves like easy targets!